Imagine attending an evening−event where all the Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors from your District would meet.

How many people do you know by name, by face, by club?

50%? 33%? 10%?

In 2016, a simple but powerful idea was born: Provide opportunities to get to know other members of the Rotarian family, foster and promote the Rotarian youth, create more synergies and find a platform to unite all Rotarian Generations:



To realize our vision we rely on one hand on the Intarconnect Mentoring program, where mentoring pairs between Interactors−Rotaractors, Rotaractors−Rotarians and Interactors−Rotarians exchange knowledge and experience over the course of a whole Rotarian year. The second pillar of Intarconnect is comprised of intergenerational projects where all generations come together for charitable causes like the construction of homes for refugees. Additionally we build tomorrows leaders by providing free training and scholarships to younger generations of the Rotarian family.


A mentoring program provides versatile development opportunities for Mentors and Mentees likewise: Mentees gain an experienced partner, who provides them with personal insights in academic and professional life. This support can help in making the right decisions for their next steps in life. Mentors help to build the future of the Rotarian Family, they are forming young talents who are ready to step up and do their part. In return Mentors keep in touch with the next generation and through this remain on the cutting edge.

Generation Projects

Generation projects such as meetings throughout the Rotarian Famliy and joint social projects of Rotary, Rotaract and Interact enable a vital exchange between the different clubs. They strengthen the community and serve society at the same time.



By summer 2017, the second Intarconnect year and mentoring cycle between Rotaract and Interact with 130+ mentoring participants in total concluded in a big Summer Closing. Apart from lasting learnings, the mentoring pairs collected creative items for a charity auction at the closing itself. To give back to the community, Intarconnect funded and built five houses with the entire Rotarian family in an international development project for displaced Bosnian refugees. To facilitate inclusion, Intarconnect provided sponsored scholarships to enable everyone willing to take part. To educate future leaders, Intarconnect organized free leadership workshops, international scholarship institutions and € 10k in grants for communication-courses. Additionally, Intarconnect events now serve as a district−wide possibility to meet Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors from different ages and clubs.

United States

In the fall of 2016, Intarconnect officially expanded its movement into the USA and opened its first branch in Florida. The program launched with a ceremony, pairing 70+ High School Interact members and Mentors from the Rotaract Club of Metro Orlando and the Rotary Club of Celebration. By creating this intergenerational structure, Intarconnect USA aims to make mentoring more advantageous for all members involved. In near future, Intarconnect USA plans to conduct a joint service project where mentoring pairs join together to address a community issue pro-actively. Hands-on service with multiple generational involvement strengthens bonds and creates opportunities for broader exchange of ideas and knowledge. With many more branches in planning, motivation and enthusiasm at every presentation, the best is certainly yet to come.


In the spring of 2017, Intarconnect made its first steps to expand to Germany by receiving frenetic acclaim at the German Rotaract conference with over 3000 attendees. By end of this year, Intarconnect will officially launch in three districts simultaneously. Intarconnect Germany aims at establishing mentoring between Rotaract and Rotary and already has a variety of ideas and plans for social projects in place. To get in contact with Intarconnect in Germany write to

Generation Project 2017 − building houses in Bosnia

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